Preserving Alpha Channel Bug

Nov 10, 2014

Hi guys. Having a bit of a problem with video content in my e-learning course.  I need Alpha Channels for a lot of my animation and after some deliberation I am now aware that only the flv format preserves the alpha channel when importing video content into Articulate. 

Or so it is supposed to but I'm having a weird bug and when I've looked on the forums I found another guy about 2 months ago had the same trouble here but I assume posting on that thread would go un-noticed . For reference the thread is here:

Basically I'm having the exact same problem as Morten had in that post. Whenever I import an flv with an Alpha channel the transparency appears as a black background. One way round I found on user Robert Donnely's suggestion was to create the slide in storyline 1 and then import it into storyline 2.

This works and I'm fine with using this work-a-round for now but the problem is that my company only purchased Storyline 2 so the version of Storyline 1 I now have to get around this bug is only a 30 day free trial, after which I won't be able to use it.

So my question is, is there a way to fix this problem without the use of Storyline and if not is there any way that as a Storyline 2 user my licence might entitle me to a copy of Storyline 1? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Daniel!

Your post would not have gone unnoticed :)

This is something that our QA Team is still actively working on as you can see from that conversation here.

Your purchase of Storyline 2 will not entitle you to Storyline 1 as they are two different products. Any material that you created in Storyline 2 will not be compatible in Storyline 1, but there is a trial for Storyline 1 as well if you wish to utilize the workaround for now.

Daniel Richardson

I'm currently using the trial for Storyline 1 as a workaround. Is the fix to storyline 2 due out at all in the foreseeable future as there are clients I'll be working with after the 30 day mark expires that need to make use of transparency in their projects. It wouldn't be such an issue but we did purchase Storyline 2 on the basis that this is supposed to be something the program could accommodate.