Press enter to close layer

Working in Storyline 360.    I'd like to give users two options to close a layer.  Either hit my "go back" button or just click enter.  On one of my slides, with a dozen feedback layers, I set two triggers to hide whatever layer they are on.  Either pressing enter or hitting the "go back" button will hide the layer.  That works flawlessly. 

On another slide, I tried the same set-up and it won't work.  I have the triggers set-up identically but for some reason, the only way to  close the layers on my other slide is to hit the "go back" button.  

I can't for the life of me figure out why the "When the user presses the Enter key" trigger will work on one slide but not the other.  Any ideas?  

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David Schwartz

Hi Kevin,

I've been playing with this for a bit, and the trigger will always fail for me if I have not clicked on any object on the layer. I wonder if on the one that works for you, users have interacted with the layer first.

Does the failing one work if you click on a blank area of the layer first?

I tried adding an offstage text entry box on my layers, placed at the bottom of the timeline so it would receive focus when the layer was shown, and that worked. I had to set the layer to reset to initial state on revisiting to make it work repeatedly.