Data entry fields on the slide layers are submitting for evaluation from base layer on pressing Enter

I’ve got a slide with a base layer having 3 buttons and a bunch of slide layers having simulations categorised into 3 types.

When a user clicks on one of the buttons on the base layer, it’ll be redirected to one of the slide layers with the simulations. I have some text entry fields on the layers, if the value is equal to X then a layer shows up and if the value is Y then another layer shows up etc.


It all looked perfect when I previewed it on storyline, but when I publish it to web I got a big issue. I figured, the data entry field on the slide layers are submitting for evaluation when pressing Enter key on the base layer. If I’m on the slide layer and press Enter, I get shown the last layer (result).

Has anyone had this issue? Anybody know how to fix this?


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Sai Nagamalla

Hi Leslie,

If you publish the file and preview you'll understand the problem.

After publishing the file open story_html5 file and press Enter, you'll be redirected to the one of the layers which should not happen.

What needs to happen is when a user clicks the first button on the base layer, that needs to go to the first layer where the user can enter "faculty" input in the data entry field. If that it correct it would say "Correct!..."and moves to the next layer for additional inputs.

But pressing Enter anywhere showing the last layer for some reason.