Pressing Tab to move over to next entry field

I am just finishing up my first big elearning course and one of the problems my superiors have with it is as follows.

In the beginning of the course the user is prompted to fill in data into 2 fields "First Name" and "Last Name".

 The problem is that once user is done they cannot simply press tab to start typing into the next field, they must click the next field.

This may not sound like a huge deal but it can be confusing to the users and I was hoping someone might have a solution to this problem. 

Attached is the slide to which I am referring.

Thanks in advance!

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Peter Anderson

Hey Casey!

Thanks for the file. Tabbing between text entry boxes is a little tricky at this point. As discussed over here, you'll want to use a combination of keeping the text entry boxes next to each other in the timeline, and disabling the yellow accessibility box feature for unwanted objects. 

I agree making this easier would be a great feature request