Prev and Next buttons available based on variable plus saved state

I have a course where there's a bit of branching. Learners have to go off and do some practice pieces.

I have one screen with a Code Baby avatar (flash) and 7 buttons. We'll call this the Practice Launch Page (PLP).

When the user hits this page for the first time, the avatar should give her spiel, then the user picks one of the 7 buttons to go do the particular practice piece.

Once they are done the practice piece, they return to the PLP. When they return, I don't want the avatar to play again, though I don't seem to be able to make the Resume Saved State to make this happen.

Also, I don't want the next button to display until such time as they have completed all 7 practice sessions. I have a variable that tracks completion, but I can't seem to figure out how to get a trigger to display the next button.

Can anyone help or have thoughts in terms of work-arounds?

Thanks in advance,


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Mike Enders


The built-in next button can't be visually hidden and shown.  However, it's functionality can be triggered.  In other words, only jump to the next slide if some set of conditions are met.


You could 

A.  Create your own next button and remove the player next button.  And then trigger the button to change from hidden to normal once your conditions are met.

B. Add triggers to the the slide to impact the Next button's functionality.  So, Jump to Next slide if your criterion are met (you'd use conditions for this).  I just did a quick example for Shelby showing this:

You could set something similar up and instead of evaluating states, you could evaluate variables, or the mechanism you're using to track completion.