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Hi, I have a "disable next button when timeline starts" on a question slide. The "change state to normal" for that next button is on the correct or incorrect layer.  It works perfectly if the user completes the question and hits next.  HOWEVER, if the user goes to the next slide and then hits prev, the next button is disabled. Even if they try to answer the question again, it stays disabled and then they're stuck there!

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Stephen Lee

Thanks for this solution. I spent a couple hours trying different methods as only issue I had is when got to next slide and clicked Previous, the Next button remained disabled even though the trigger logic said it should be enabled. I feel like it's a Storyline flaw in that the logic should make the Next button enabled again when click Previous and adding the extra trigger you noted shouldn't really be required.

Walt Hamilton

Based on your post, answering the question is the only thing that (as of yet) enables the next button. So the logical progression seems to me that they not be allowed to go to the next slide until they complete the question, and then not find the previous button. Or is there some reason to return to a previously answered question?. If you have a good one, maybe you want to reset the question slide to its original state, and allow them to answer the question again, so Next is enabled.

The way you describe the trigger logic, starting the slide is what disables Next, and completing the answer is what enables it. Thus, on returning to the slide, Next is disabled until the question is answered. that seems not to be what you want, hence the need for a trigger to prevent the re-disabling of Next with each return.

If I seem confused, it is because I have no idea what you are trying to do. If you would attach the .story file, I or somebody else could see the slides, and show you how to get what you want.

Stephen Lee

Sorry, I should point out that my slide is not a question slide. It's a slide with 3 buttons that open layers, but I experienced similar issue in that the Next button remains disabled until all 3 buttons are clicked on at which point it becomes active. However if I then proceed to the Next slide and click Previous, the buttons show as Visited, but the Next button is Disabled so can't proceed, even if click on the 3 buttons again.

I can provide a Storyline file as an example, but like I said, implementing your additional T/F trigger to track slide completion fixed the issue so going back to the slide then makes the Next enabled.

Triggers originally set as  (1) Set Next to disabled when timeline starts (2) Set Next to enabled when state of 3 buttons is Visited. Which worked fine, but if return back to slide, Next remained Disabled, even though buttons are in the Visited state. Setting slide to 'resume saved state' doesn't seem to work and don't want reset to initial as want to show that buttons were already selected.