Prev and Next Controls Not Working on Layers

Apr 20, 2016


I have a slide with three layers.  I can't get the Prev or Next buttons to work on anything but the base layer.  I've tried clicking the tool ("wheel") icon on the other two layers, but there aren't options there to address the Prev and Next buttons.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Tony Onorad

Hi Leslie.

Yes, I've attached some of the files that I'm working with.  You can see that the Prev and Next buttons are there and work fine on some slides.  Where I'm having trouble is on slide 2, layers 2 and 3.  I can't get the buttons to work there, so I've had to insert my own.

Any thoughts to solve the Prev Next buttons on those layers would be very helpful!  Do these buttons just not function on layers?  I can't even find how to edit them on those two layers.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Ruth Ann -- Thanks for the opportunity to review your file! When tested on the SCORM Cloud, I am finding the same behavior that you have described. Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine a solution, so I would like our Support Engineers to take a closer look for you. I will go ahead and set you up in a case momentarily and you will be hearing from a member of that team shortly. 

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