PREV button not working (PPTX file was imported)

Dear all,

I have just imported a .pptx document as a new project in Articulate Storyline 2 and the PREV buttons for all slides do not work. NEXT buttons have no issues.

FYI: This .pptx file was created with animations. Before importing this file, I decided to remove PREV/NEXT buttons in the .pptx file as I found issues with the PREV button (whereby it is not working).

Kindly find attached for more information.


Could you kindly further advise what could be the cause and the next steps I should take to solve the issue?

Look forward to your expertise!


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Walt Hamilton

If you are using the built-in Previous button, it has its behavior hard-wired, and that will conflict with the trigger you have created. Delete that trigger and allow the previous button to visit the previous slide. Optionally, if you want to jump to a specific slide (like the trigger you attached), you have to create a custom button with a custom name. Then you can have it jump to a specific slide.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Abby -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question, and I see that Asraf and Walt have stopped into help you here. If you've tried their suggestions and still are having difficulties, please see this document on Tips for Importing Microsoft PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter Content, and it may not hurt to double check that you followed the steps here to import from Powerpoint into SL2. You may also find the troubleshooting steps here to be of assistance, as well. 

And yes, if issues persist, you might want to remove any client-sensitive information and share your file here, or you are welcome to use this form for private review. 

Abby Lam

Dear Ashraf, Walt and Christie

Noted with thanks in regards to the suggested pointers above.

I took a different approach whereby I uninstalled and re-installed AS2 as an error message prompted saying that "..something went wrong with Articulate Storyline and it might close. You can help us fix this bug..."

I am unsure if this bug was the cause of the initial problem as per subject matter, but after reinstalling AS2 with the latest version, the issue of PREV button and error message were, I guess, fixed.

Hence, I will bear in mind the suggestions above for future reference if I ever encounter such issues with the .pptx file being imported into AS2.

Hope to have kept you informed.

Many thanks again!