Prevent "A convert to freeform" from changing the states of buttons in Storyline 2

I have setup some buttons with custom states, however, every time I use them as part of a freeform interaction Storyline 2 changes the "selected" state by adding a glow and selecting a random color (usually a color that has been set in the design pane). I didn't have this issue in the previous version of Storyline so I was wondering, is there a setting where I can prevent Storyline 2 from doing this?


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Lizzie Angell

Any update on this??

- we are having big problems with creating questions and random glows being added in - it is taking a LOT of work to go through and remove them, and then in some cases the button then doesn't work. - It worked fine when we created the interaction and the glows were on the buttons, then we go and take the glows out and suddenly the screen doesn't work anymore!

Emily Ruby

Hello Lizzie,

This sounds like odd behavior. After editing the state, you should still be able to select the item. Please confirm that you are working locally as described here. You could try and import the file into a new file.

You could also share the file here if you would like us to take a look.

Emily Ruby

Hello Lizzie!

I checked the file, and i am able to edit many of the text boxes states without seeing a new glow appear.

When you add a new item within a quiz slide, it will by default have the glow for selected state when you assign it as a possible answer.

You may want to try a repair on your Storyline if the edit issue does keep up.

James Jenneman

Hi! Has this been resolved? I'm using shapes rather than buttons, but I'm still getting a weird looking glow when I convert to freeform. It also causes the text color inside the shapes to change in the hover and selected states. When I fix the first shape, I can use format painter to remove the glow and adjust the color in the others, but the text color doesn't transfer with format painter.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James,

If you're creating it as a freeform question, as Emily mentioned it'll automatically assign the glow to it as a part of the states so that users know when you're hovering or selected the choice. It sounds like you're able to edit them though to remove that, and that's what you'll need to do if you've changed to a freeform question. You could also look at changing the theme colors overall to make the glow less noticeable depending on the other colors you're using, but please note that this will impact all your colors and set up. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris, 

Sorry to hear you've run into this behavior as well and found it not what you wanted - at this time it is the expected behavior based on changing the set up to a freeform question type, so sending along the feature request is the best option. Also you may want to look at using the "format painter" to allow for the quick application of the changes from one button to the next. 

Christopher Dobson

Just ran into this same issue myself, on a E-Learning project related to Title IX for our community college. I could not figure out why it was applying the goal. The other problem I was having, was that on subsequent buttons,copied from the original shape converted as a button, was that it was leaving the glow... where (or associated with) I had copied the original free-form shape/button from. See attached image of my custom tab interaction for example. The glow is on the 2nd button; but the 4th button is activated.

I would agree, it seems to be a feature that may have originally seemed like a good idea, or helpful; but appears to be more of an annoyance than anything else. Again, to reiterate from the comment above, let me handle or choose my own "Active" state for my custom shape button.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Christopher for sharing your set up here - and I hope you'll share it in the form of a feature request as well as sharing here. Those go to our product development team and are tracked and categorized for easier tracking and determining of what features may be investigated for the next update or release. 

Peter Hansen

When will this problem be fixed?

This problem pretty much doubles my design time having to fix unwanted effects when converting to freeform. The format painter does not work in all cases. The glow only effect shapes and i have groups with text boxes and shapes which means i have to ungroup everthing which in turn "breaks" the question because i object i selected (the group) no longer exsists.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Peter.  Thanks so much for sharing your experience.  I can see where that would be frustrating to have to break apart your groups and then reset your question choices accordingly.

I don't have an update about changing this behavior, but our product development team should hear your voice too!  Can you add your name to a feature request?  Thanks again.

Ashley Terwilliger

No update yet, but it hasn't been a topic I've seen a lot of discussion around in ELH. 

We're working on better prioritizing bugs and feature requests. Here's more information on how we identify and tackle bugs. No article yet for feature requests, but we're working on that one to give you more insight into our process! 

Matthew Bibby

Thanks Ashley. I'm not surprised that it hasn't been mentioned much. It is one of those issues that has been around since SL1 and I think because it's not a bit deal (you can easily edit the state) it is one of those things that people don't complain about much! It would be great if the selected glow could be changed in the player properties though...