Prevent "A convert to freeform" from changing the states of buttons in Storyline 2

I have setup some buttons with custom states, however, every time I use them as part of a freeform interaction Storyline 2 changes the "selected" state by adding a glow and selecting a random color (usually a color that has been set in the design pane). I didn't have this issue in the previous version of Storyline so I was wondering, is there a setting where I can prevent Storyline 2 from doing this?


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Tom French

Is there a work around yet for this? I have a slide with over 50 buttons with custom selected states and really want to change it from a pick one to a pick many but I know as soon as I do it will ruin all my custom states and I'll have to spend another hour or so going back and fixing them all. This feature is frankly such a pain and has been for years, I've mentioned this many times to Storyline devs over the years and every time I go to an e-learning convention I will mention it and still nothing seems to have been done.

Just a setting in preferences to stop the glow being applied when converting slides to free form would probably have saved me hundreds of hours in my career using this software.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tom,

When you convert the slide to a freeform it'll apply the standard question type states, as prior to that Storyline doesn't recognize the custom states as a part of the question. If you wanted to make the transition a bit easier, you could look at duplicating the question prior to converting. That way you'd be able to use the original and the Format Painter to copy the states over pretty quickly versus rebuilding from scratch.

Mischka Zeldenrust

I'm also having the issue that all my custom selected states are removed when converting to a freeform question. The suggestion of making a duplicate (before applying the freeform) works for slides containing only a few interactive objects. Doing the same thing for slides with 100+ interactive objects (custom checkboxes, where some are selected by default and some not), requires A LOT of work. Is there any news from the QA team on this?

UPDATE: I did some more testing and the selected states don't get removed when adding the freeform question, but after adding choices to the "Form View".

Lauren Connelly

Hi Kevin, Mischka, and David!

So far we've found a few workarounds that include:

  • Duplicating the question prior to converting
  • Using the "format painter" to allow for the quick application of the changes from one button to the next. 
  • Changing the theme colors overall to make the glow less noticeable depending on the other colors you're using, but please note that this will impact all your colors and set up. 

If you are interested in submitting a feature request, you can use this link! You can also see how we manage feature requests.

Mateusz Szuter

Seriously for five years this couldn't be disabled?

It's annoying as hell. Five years! Since five years you can make your brilliant, nice looking questions (or smth), and then you got that default glow... WHY? Why you don't turn that off and let users decide what to do with their states? You can leave the function for shapes WITHOUT selected state, but why altering already made selected state?