Prevent a question from be randomly selected twice from a question


I want to randomly draw upon questions from a question bank. My bank consists of 5 questions. My module has 3 ‘blank’ question slides, whereby 1 question from the bank should be randomly selected to appear on each blank slide.

 The problem is this: when I publish the course, question “ABC”  is randomly drawn upon from the question bank more than once.

How do I signal to Storyline that, once a question has been randomly selected and presented to a user,  it cannot be drawn upon again.


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Matt Garratt

Thanks Ashley.

Returning the slide with a 'reset to initial state' will mean the user has to repeat questions so not really suitable in this case.

The best work around I can think of is to manually generate a random slide order each time using a random number generator like the ones mentioned here.

I'll keep persevering.

Matt Garratt

Hi David, it ended up in the too hard basket. I ended up putting each question on its own slide (not using question banks) and then branched out all the possible pathways so the questions were unfortunately not randomly selected. This made the test more repetitive and also made it too hard to use additional questions we were originally going to add to the question banks to boost question variety which sucks.