Prevent auto resizing of images

Hey all, 

I am trying to drop in a large image into SL360 and then use a scrolling panel to allow the user to look through the image.  For context, it is a 9-page pdf doc that has been converted to an image.

The problem is, every time I drop the image into SL360, it resizes to the max height of the screen, which is much too small to read.  Then, of course, when I expand it out, it is pixelated beyond a useable level.

Is there any way I can tell SL360 that I know what I'm doing and to stop resizing the image?

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Phil Mayor

Sorry if I didn’t explain myself very well, I meant to change the image size to 100% or press the reset image button either of those should set it to the original size. 

I believe there is a maximum size in pixels for images of around 2000x2000 or thereabouts so you may be hitting that issue.

Jon West

I had a similar problem. one way around this is to cut your panoramic image up in photoshop (I had 3 at 1920x1080 px), import them individually, arrange them across the storyline slide, then group them. Any actions, animations etc will treat the group as a single image. This means you can scroll across a panoramic image, in one slide, on one layer, without quality loss. Boom :0)