Prevent exit animation on timeline under a condition? SL3

Dec 22, 2017

I'm racking my brain on this one and hopefully someone can help me out here!  I have a text box that has an entrance and exit animation.  I have a condition set that if the learner selects no narration, then all entry/exit animations cease and they see a static slide (animations are timed with the narration).  For some reason I can't get the text boxes to stay visible until they click to advance to the next slide.  Changing the text box's state to Normal at the start of the timeline works fine to make it immediately visible, but the exit animation still plays.  I tried a trigger to set the state back to normal at the same time the exit animation happens but it still exits.  Here's a sample of the timeline.

Sample of an element I don

With narration, the text box comes in at 12.50 seconds, and exits at 17.25, but should stay on screen all the time when no narration is selected.  Should I be building this slide "backwards" in the sense that I should build it with no animations, and set triggers to animate in/out on a "with narration" condition instead?

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Walt Hamilton

I think the fastest way is to create a scene, or slide, or textbox (depending on your needs), duplicate it, and set one to be the branch for narration, and the other for non-narration. I'm not sure you can extend the duration and at the same time change the animation of an object using triggers. Any way you slice it, I think you need an object without and one with an animation (or an object without animation, and another copy to make it look animated).

James Newcomb

I tried Walt's suggestion to make a separate object and it works great.  When narration==true, the text box in the timeline above animates as usual.  I added a trigger on timeline start to hide it when the narration==false.  I added a duplicate text box that spans the entire timeline start to finish and set its initial state to hidden, then added another trigger to change its state to normal when narration==false and voila!  I attached the .story file for reference.

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