Prevent grade from posting to Moodle gradebook until the learner attempts the quiz.

Oct 16, 2018

Hi there,

I currently have a Storyline scorm published to passed/incomplete and one attempt on Moodle. I set to one attempt because I only want the learner to take the quiz at the end of the presentation slides once. The problem that I'm facing is that if a learner views a few slides without even taking the quiz, it reports a "0" for their grade. Is there anyway to prevent a completion flag from sending to Moodle until the learner attempts the quiz at the end of the slide presentations? It's not realistic for the student to take the presentation and quiz all in one sitting. Many thanks for your time. Attached is a scorm that always posts a "0" to the gradebook even if the learner hasn't attempted the quiz yet.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Justin. Thanks for sharing your project file.  I published and uploaded to SCORM Cloud, which is a free tool for LMS testing.

I'm seeing that if I exit on the first slide, there is no score reported.  If I exit from the first question without answering, no score.  But as soon as I answer the first question and then exit, I get a score of 0% until I actually reach the results slide.

You can also test your course in SCORM Cloud by clicking this link.

Articulate courses send a score to the LMS when leaving each quiz slide by design.  Completion information, however, will be sent with the results slide.  

Let your learners know that the LMS will keep track of their score as they leave and resume the quiz, but it won't register as complete until they've hit the results slide.  I hope that helps!

Justin Lloyd

OH! So when they finally get to the quiz, the score they receive on the quiz will update the grade book? I tested that last night (I thought) and the “0” remained in the grade book. The problem with giving the user multiple attempts is that it also allows the quiz score to update each time they attempt the quiz. Is there anyway to ignore the practice quiz slides within the presentation and only report a scorm when they attempt the quiz?


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Crystal Horn

Hey Justin!  Storyline will send a new score to the LMS after every quiz question.  I realize that not all of those question slides are tracked by your results slide, so you're really only expecting to get the tracked question scores.

This might be too much work up front for you, but your best bet to avoid scores from inconsequential "practice" questions would be to create them as regular slides rather than quiz slides.  Quiz slides do a lot of the lifting for you in terms of triggering feedback, but it's totally possible to get the same effect with some manually added triggers and layers!

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