Prevent learner closing course until they have got a pass mark

I have a storyline file published on Moodle.  This contains a question bank of 10 questions of which 3 are randomly choosen.  The user must get 75% to pass.  the result slide has a Review Course, Review Quiz, Restart Quiz button and Close.

This reports their score great to moodle, however it is further complicated by the Moodle course being served up through some software called meta compliance which registers their completion.  They click on a button to do this.Thoretically, if a person has failed the grade Meta compliance should represent for them to pass.  Unfortunatley, Meta Compliance is very literal in the 'receive a grade', that basically any grade from 0-100% is a grade.

So, is there any trigger I can add so the user has to retake the quiz if they get less than 75%, or hide the close button untill they do?

Is there another option I should use.  i can't unlock the completion settings on Moodle as some perople have completed and it is part of our audit trail (but I can easily switch the zip file).




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Emily Ruby

Hello Michelle!

If I am reading this correctly, you want the Close course button to not show unless the user passes?

You can set the initial state of the button to "hidden" or disabled, then make a trigger on the slide to change state of the button to Normal on timeline start, on condition that the Results Score Points is greater than the Results Pass Points.

As far as this working for Moodle, I will leave that for community members who have knowledge with that LMS.