Prevent Learners from Accessing Test before visiting all content

Jan 15, 2014

So I've got 20 pages of linear content (Though with the TOC...they can jump around)...then a page called "Take the Test" which explains the passing score etc...and has a Next button to get folks into the test.

I want to prevent learners from being able to take the test unless they've visited each page of content first...then they are free to visit and revist the test for ever after that.

How can I do that?

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I posted this in the other thread... but.... just to be sure you see it.

If they need to view all pages, set up a t/f variable for each page and set it to true when they visit. Set up an additional "show quiz" variable that will only be set to true when all of the page variables are also equal to true. Show the quiz once the "show quiz" variable gets updated. You may want to add a "take the quiz" button on each of your pages that is hidden until the user can take the quiz. This way, no matter where they are when they complete viewing all the pages, they will be prompted to go to the quiz and can use the button to navigate their way there easily.

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