Prevent Learners from Clicking and Pausing Embedded Video

Jan 23, 2018

Good morning, Articulate Community!

I have a simple question that probably has a simple answer -- is there a way to prevent learners from clicking an embedded .mp4 video and pausing it in Storyline? I want to ensure that learners watch the entire video. The "Next" button on the page is disabled when the page loads but is set to become enabled when the timeline ends (which is the same length as the video). If a learner clicks on the video, the video pauses, but the timeline continues playing. So it's possible for the timeline to end and the "Next" button to become enabled before the video finishes playing.

I would be grateful for any suggestions you may have!


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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Brandon,

My solution would be to create a transparent rectangle and put it over the video so the learner is clicking that rather than the video.

However, what do you think about changing your Next button trigger to say "Change state of Next to Normal when media completes on Video 1" or something like that? The learner could still pause if they need to and the next button is tied to their actual progress in the video.

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