Prevent navigation to a hidden menu item

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to prevent the learner from seeing a quiz review slide in the menu. At the moment there is a button on the slide that triggers a jump to the review slide. I've removed the review from the menu via the player customization options, but if the learner navigates back to the quiz in the menu and then clicks "next" the review slide appears (despite it being removed from the menu).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Erin Wickens

Hi Adrian,

So my project has quiz slides dispersed sporadically throughout the course. These few quiz slides each have a button called "Review" on them, which links them to a slide with tips to help them with their quiz should they have trouble coming up with their answer.

This Review button should bring them to a slide, but I don't want them to be able to navigate to it manually via the menu on the left hand side of the player. I deleted the slide from the menu in the player options, but here is where an issue happens:

  1. They complete the quiz and move on to the next slide
  2. they decide to navigate back to the quiz in the Menu 
  3. They click "Next" to get out of the quiz but it brings them to the hidden "Review" slide (even though it isn't listed in the menu)

Does that make sense? Sorry if I' not describing this well!


Adrian Dean

Hi Erin,

You can have that review slide with the tips in a separate scene not connected to your other ones. Using a trigger for the review button, you can have the user navigate to that particular slide in the scene off by itself.

In order for them to get back so that they can continue on with the course, you must have a button with a trigger taking them back to the same slide or next slide so that they can continue.

In order for this to work, I believe the only way would be to create a separate review slide for each question. Each slide would need to be in it's own scene and would need a button with a trigger taking it back to the previous slide or the next one in your course.

Does that make sense? I am looking into other ways now, but that is what I know right now off the top of my head.