Prevent refreshing browser from reloading Storyline?

I know this is a silly question, but...

Is there anyway that I can prevent users from refreshing their browser to reload the Storyline?

We embed an one slide interactive Storyline in a webpage, users interact with the slide fine. However, we just need them to do it once and proceed to next webpage. 

We found out when users refresh the browser, the embedded storyline slide will be reset and reload to restart afresh. 

Is there any way we can prevent refreshing browser from reloading the embedded Storyline slide?



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Vincent Scoma

Hi Bin,

Thank you for reaching out!

Do you happen to know what the Resume Settings were? Another idea that may help is to adjust the Resume Setting to Prompt to Resume or Always Resume

That way, when a user refreshes their page the course should resume where it left off. You can find more details on this here: Storyline 360: Changing the Resume Behavior

Please let us know if you have any questions!