Prevent Resume when returning to slide

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I used these instructions to create a slide where users could decide to listen to the audio or read the transcript

I have a process slide, with a layer for each stage in the process. Some of the process layers allow users to go to a 'how-to' video slide. Once the video timeline is complete, they return to the process slide layer where the audio automatically replays. I am trying to find a way to prevent the layer from resuming after the user watches the video. My problem now is that, after adding the 'play audio if variable is true' command to every slide layer I cannot share a sample due to confidentiality reasons, so I hope my explanation makes sense.


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Bob O'Donnell

We had a client that wanted to do the same thing so we added a trigger to pause the timeline if a certain condition was met. In your case, if the user views one of your video layers you could set a variable to track it and create a trigger on the base slide to pause the timeline if the variable is true. The timeline will remain paused in placeĀ once your video is doneĀ if that's what you're going for.