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Emily Ruby

Hello Stimpson!

When you use the Insert/data entry/ text entry function, it will have the keyboard focus when you enter the slide by design.

However, you can add a slide using the quizzing/text entry option. Then once you move the text entry box down, and add a question, text, or picture above it, the keyboard focus is no longer in the text box. This would be a quiz slide, so i am not sure if this will work for what you need, but it is an option.

Stimpson Cat

Hi Emily, thanks for the tip!

I've found an easy workaround: place a decoy text entry box above the original and hide it under a white rectangle (my background is white). Far from best practice, but good enough this time.

I don't believe the designed behaviour is appropriate for all circumstances. If only there was an option to enable/disable autofocus