Prevent user from clicking on base layer PROBLEM!

I am stuggling to disable the base layer buttons:

I have a branching scenario, with characters triggering layers on slides. I have checked the 'Prevent user from clicking on base layer' button on the slide layer properties.

But no matter what I try, you cna still tick the 'PRev', and 'Next' buttons on the base layer.

Is this a known issue?

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Mike Smith

Thanks for that Phil  - that explains it.

I am still struggling though. I have 3 characters on a slide. If I assign a value variable of 1 to a click and show the NEXT/PREV buttons once I reach 3 (clicks) , then a user could click the same character 3 times and get the buttons to reveal. How can I stop this, so that they have to clci each character - sorry - I have hunted through all the tutorials but cannot find anything that cures this.

Antony Snow

Hi Mike,

You will be able to control the trigger that adds 1 to the variable by using the 'visited' states for each of your 3 characters. Add a condition to the trigger that adds 1 on condition that the state of the character they click on is equal to 'normal' - if they click on a character for the first time, the character's state will change from 'normal' to 'visited' and add 1 to your variable. If they click on the same character again, the variable won't change as the state will still equal 'visited'.