Preventing button from changing back to disable states.

I have buttons on the master slide set to disable states.  I am forcing the student to listen and go through 10 step in the course without clicking.  When they reach step 10, I have a trigger that set a variable called NavDisable to "True".  On the master slide, I have triggers for each buttons to change their states back to normal if, NavDisable is "True".  When reach step 10 all the button are now change to normal state.  The problem I have is that, the button would reset when the student navigate from there.

Anyone has ideas to keep the buttons in normal state after the first visit?  I might be over thinking this.  Any help?  Thank in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ted, 

I think what you're running into, is the issue with changing it based on "when the variable changes" so the trigger is looking for that change to happen on that particular slide each time - so since it's only happened on slide 10 - the rest of the slides aren't able to read it. You may need to look at using a different timeline event or the user clicking on a particular element. You could look at using the "when timeline starts" and have all the slides set to "reset to initial state" but that may interfere with other things replaying on your slide as everything would start a new.