Preventing Overlapping Trigger Audio


I have a slide in Articulate 360 that has 3 objects on it. When any of those objects are pressed, a corresponding audio file will play. My problem is if a user decides to click on another object while the first audio file is still playing, the 2nd audio clip will begin playing over the first audio clip. What's the best way to prevent one audio file from being triggered while another one is currently playing?

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Amber,

You could do two things:

  1. Add triggers to stop the other two audio clips when a button is pressed.
  2. Move all of the audio to layers. Clicking a button displays the corresponding layer. If you have the layers set to hide all other layers, this will automatically stop any other audio when a button is pressed.

I personally would go with option #2 because I like when the seekbar actually represents how much time is left on audio clips. If you need other layers to show at the same time as the audio layers, just add triggers to hide the other two audio layers when the timeline starts on the clicked layer.


Vincent Scoma

Hey Sharria,

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your file! 

I reviewed the layer in question and wanted to provide some of my findings that might help narrow down the issue here: 

  1. On your first layer, there are duplicate triggers for show layer and stop media. I would focus on the trigger order (when these events happen) and what object is the focus. 
  2. I also found that there are two buttons on the Cochlear and ICD image that have associated audio tracks with them. If I remove those buttons, the audio on your first layer plays correctly. I would double-check the associated audio tracks on those buttons to make sure they play when the user clicks those images. At the moment, those tracks are playing at the same time when that layer is viewed. 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! 

Katie Riggio

Hello again, Sharria. Thanks for sticking with us and trying those steps!

From here, I'd like to get our Support team's help and have opened a case on your behalf. Your time is valuable, so let's see how we can make this easier on you!

They'll do a deep dive to identify what's causing that stubborn overlapping audio after making those changes. I'll also follow along!

Brian Allen

Sharria, to build on Vincent's feedback, there are two buttons on layer 1 that have audio files embedded within the states of those buttons.

You should remove the audio from the button states, add the audio to the slide layer, and then trigger the buttons to play/stop based on the button clicks.

Hope this helps!