Preventing Production Notes Slides from Publishing?

Seems like I must be doing something wrong. I thought it was possible to keep a scene with production notes that wouldn't publish, as long as it wasn't linked. I'm sure I've read about it more than once, but I had a hard time finding anything (I usually do have a hard time in this forum).

I finally DID locate 2 threads:

Here Bruce and Geert both describe how this is done Is it possible to hide some slide from the published output

and here's a recent thread with a post by Bruce Hiding Slides

Here's a screenshot of my story in story view. And FYI: there is a 2nd scene here "below" scene 1. Scene 1 IS linked to Scene 2. The last slide in scene 2 does NOT have a next button. It does have a custom button that links back to the beginning of the Scene. And yet, all my slides, including this notes slide, are publishing. Help?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Rebecca. Are these notes showing in the published presentation or are they just included in the output folder?  My understanding of how this works is that if unlinked they should not show up in the published presentation but they will still be included in the published output folder so if someone had access to this folder they would be able to see them.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nancy, Tx for responding. They're showing up in the menu in the published output. Now, I did NOT remove the slide from the menu, because I thought it wasn't supposed to publish. Here's a screen shot from the published output. You can see that the unlinked notes slide from above is shown in the menu (and the related content is published of course also). Am I misunderstanding how this works?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Ah! Tx! Just seemed to me if they weren't linked, it logically (well, granted, it's MY logic ) wouldn't be necessary. And, since I didn't see it mentioned in the posts - no worries, Bruce - I figured my logic was correct.

In the interim, I simply created a separate Storyline file with the notes slides in them. Next time, I'll do both steps. May be time for me to do another Screenr, eh?