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Apr 16, 2014

I want to look at half a dozen slides in sequence which are in the middle of a large scene - is this possible in Storyline instead of the options under preview of single slide,  project or scene?  Am I missing something or is this just not available?

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Andrew Kay

OK I've answered my own question by seeing a post made over a year ago asking whether this is available.

Please allow me a small rant here:  I am amazed that something that is available in Presenter is not available in the flagship product from Articulate, Storyline.  This would seem the be a gaping omission, and is very frustrating in terms of time wasted having to either view a complete scene or pull slides out, insert them into a separate scene and preview that, as opposed to simply selecting a few slides and previewing those.  I also saw that people have requested this as a 'feature request' and that would seem to be a pointless exercise given that other requested functionalities that would seem to be no-brainers have never been incorporated into releases.

OK, rant over now back to previewing the slides I want to look at by using some convoluted methodology.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Andy: I understand your frustration. As way of explanation, Storyline and Studio 13 are different products, and it wouldn't make business sense for Articulate to have the same features on different products. Studio 13 is great for linear, information-based courses (and of course it has the functionality you mentioned above); Storyline is better for non-linear courses/branching courses, where most often you are reviewing either a slide or an entire scene. --Daniel

Martin Schmalenbach

Wow - it's June 30th 2017 and...


Yes, I know caps in text communications is shouting, possibly conceived by some as rude.


I have a couple of issues with player response and settings affecting the NEXT button - I need to preview a few slides to do some testing. I can preview one, or the whole scene... which is SLOW.

This previewing of a range or at least 3 slides in 1 go is on the Presenter/Studio products. I don't accept one little bit the assertion that different products will have different features/not the same to the extent posted above. Both those products generate eLearning, both using slides. Of course they are going to have SOME features that are the same.

All I am asking, is that in Storyline 360, in the middle of 2017, I am able to preview a few slides like I could in Presenter '13, 4 WHOLE YEARS AGO.




Thank you. I do matinees and I'm here all week.

Previewing. Slowly. 

Ali Goulet

Hey Martin!

I can certainly understand your frustrations not having a "Preview Range of Slides" feature in Storyline. I'm submitting a feature request on your behalf to our team, relaying the points you've described here.  If you're curious, here's a little more info on our Feature Request process

I also wanted to point out a handy preview feature if you weren't already aware of it. When previewing a scene, if you click the option Select on the upper left, you can jump to whichever slide in the scene you'd like to start from: 

I made a quick screen recording of this process too, which you can take a Peek at right over here.

You'll still have to load the whole scene to preview, but it may save a few minutes of clicking through to the specific area you're working with. 

You also mentioned having some trouble with the Next button behavior in your course. I'm happy to help! I have a couple questions to start with:

  1. What problems specifically are you seeing happen?
  2. Can you share your .story project file here so I can do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment here, and let me know which slides are being effected.

Thanks again for reaching out here! 

Martin Schmalenbach

Hi Ali

Thank you so much for your reply, and the select option will certainly help AND I appreciate you filing a feature request on my behalf.

The issue with the 'next' button is a weird one...

The 'next' button just wouldn't work as advertised - I changed settings per several posts about this and the instructions that I found on various sites on the WWW.

I then decided to forget this problem for the moment and deal with the rest of the list of snags I had in my eLearning project. One of these was to disable/hide the 'PREV' button from the player.

And THAT cured the problem with the next button! Now I could play to the end of a slide and it would auto move on OR I could skip ahead with the next button - perfect!

Out of curiosity I put the PREV button back to see if that killed the next button function again, and it didn't!

So, for now I'm OK. But it does make you wonder if there's some minor bug-ette lurking somewhere...?



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