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Hello all, 

I'm new to articulate and have just started to create a new elearning using Storyline360. Every time I tried to preview my work the whole system crashes - the error message says "something went wrong, please tell us what happened so that we can work on this'. I have tried to restart the programme / windows (am working on Mac) / my laptop and have made a new module to see if this would work - no success. I need to be able to work through my project from the learners perspective - any ideas would be hugely appreciated?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Julia. Welcome to Articulate 360! 😊

The crashing behavior you're describing typically happens when there is a corrupt element on a slide. What happens when you try importing the slides into a new Storyline file

If the import steps do not help: Does the crash happen when you try to preview a particular slide or scene? If so, one way to find the culprit is to remove the affected slide's objects one-by-one.

Let me know if you need a hand! If you can share the .story file for testing, you can send it privately to me by using this upload link. I'll dig in, and will delete the file after troubleshooting!