Preview Flash Course in HTLM5 Without Publishing


I have some old Storyline courses that I created and published using Flash. I want to go through them to see if I need to change any animations and/or slide transitions before I republish to HTML5. Is there a way to open an old Flash course and preview how it will look in HTML5 before I publish it? If so, how?

Or do I have to open it, then publish it in HTML5, then view it to see how it looks/works?  

Thank you!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter,

You mentioned that you are checking older courses, but I'm not clear on what version of Storyline you are using.

Storyline 2 preview is flash-based, so yes, you will need to publish to view the results.

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If you are now using Storyline 360 or Storyline 3, the preview is as Sam mentioned above and will display the HTML5 version.

Peter Ruplinger

When I used Preview, it still showed me the Flash version because in Publish, on the LMS tab the Format was still Flash. I changed that to HTML5 but had to publish it in order for that to take effect. I was wondering if there was a way to change it to HTML5 and view the course without having to publish.

Peter Ruplinger

Hi, the course was created in SL2. We have 360 now. At some point, I think about 1 1/2 years ago, it was opened when we had 360 so there is a 360 version. But it was created with the Classic player and published in Flash, so it looks like that's what got converted to 360 because when I go to Publish > LMS the format field is Flash. So when I did a Preview, it still showed the flash animations. Today I did publish it using HTML5 and had to change some animations, such as Wipe, because that does not work with HTML5. I was just wondering if there would be a way to preview the course in HTML5 without having to publish it first. I changed the Player to Modern, but the LMS setting still remained Flash. Thank you!

Peter Ruplinger

It's good to know Preview is always in HTML5 for SL 360. The course was previously published in Flash and that was still the LMS setting when I opened it in SL 360, so I assumed Preview was in Flash. I've been using the Modern Player for new courses to avoid this issue.

Our LMS automatically opens courses in IE (our company's  current default), so that's why I've gotten used to telling myself Wipe doesn't work. If we ever move to Chrome as the default, maybe I can start using those animations/slide transitions again. Thank you!