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Hello all,

I am using Articulate Storyline 2 and I am having a hard time figuring out how to send a preview of the project to the stakeholders for review. I see that there is an option to publish a project for offline viewing, but it seems they cannot view the "index_lms_html5" file after I email it for them to view.

Is this because they do not have the other project files in the published folder? I would really like to send over a file via email that they can just open and view quickly for review. Not sure if it is necessary to mention but they are using Apple machines, Thanks! 

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Walt Hamilton

Is this because they do not have the other project files in the published folder?

Yes, you need to send the entire published folder. Since it comes out as a web page, they can view it in their browser.

However, the "index_lms_html5" file is the LMS (Blackboard), etc version. You need to publish it for viewing by Web or CD (my usual preference).

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Liam,

The offline viewing option is specific to the mobile player - if you need to share it with others prior to posting to your LMS you'll want to publish for CD or another local source and they'll need the entire contents of the published output folder to take a look at it. You could also load the publish for LMS output to a site like SCORM Cloud which is a free industry standard for testing LMS output. 

Tina Arcamo

You can publish it as a web version (one of th choices on the left hand side of the Publish dialogue box). Then, a Publish Successful dialogue box will pop up. At the bottom of that box, you are given several options. Click the EMAIL option. It will open an email message that contains a folder of your file (as an attachment) and the instructions for your reviewers or stakeholders on how to access. That's what you will send to them.



Mark Shepherd

Hi Liam:

Good question! I struggled with this one for a while too, before discovering a solution by accident a couple of weeks ago.

Echoing the other replies, my method is very similar. 

I use it to cover two bases: publishing directly to my LMS Validation server, and also for manual previews.

My method:

  • I use the LMS to Scorm 1.2 version via the Publish feature.
  • I then save the project as a ZIP file,
  • Then I manually extract the ZIP file's contents to a network folder...
  • ...Which I then direct my clients to view by browsing manually to the "index.html" or "story.html" home page file using their Internet Explorer or other web browser.

Hope this helps!


Mark Shepherd

Hi Ashley:

Thanks for helping everyone else out also! :)

Yes, I'm a fairly new Articulate Storyline user and am VERY new to the forums, having come from other tools I've used in the past, such as Adobe Captivate and Techsmith Camtasia Studio.

Have been on my new e-learning development job for a couple of months now and wanted to share a few of my discoveries.

I've gotten loads of help just reading these forums, but participating is also fun too! :)

Will let you know if there is anything I need.



EDIT/PS: I could use some feedback on this thread I started this morning (?)

Paul Schneider

Another option would be to load it on - or if you have any shared drive such as box/dropbox etc. that can work too (with the web version).

If you want to make it easier to actually collect the feedback from your users, I suggest you take a look at OQAR:  to manage that whole process more efficiently.