"Preview from slide" option?

I'm a new user and have a couple of questions that I'll post separately.

Is there a "Preview from slide" option somewhere? I'm able to preview a single slide, a scene, and the entire project but I can't find a way to preview from a specified slide to the end of the project. (Say I've got a project that contains 15 slides and want to preview from slide 9 through the end of the project.)

Is that doable?


- Jennifer

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer, 

Within Storyline you can preview:

  • a specific slide
  • a specific scene
  • or the entire project

Though most content displays during Preview just like it would in the published output, there are a few items that are unavailable during Preview. They are:

Steve McAneney

When I'm developing/testing a project I make sure the navigation lets me skip through slides so I can review quicker, and then add any navigation restrictions at the very end. For example, I might have custom built navigation buttons triggered to appear at the end of the timeline, but for review purposes I enable the player navigation buttons as well.

Possibly a workaround for you?

Deirdre Cristante


I have a slide with a somewhat lengthy timeline and several layers. Can I preview just a slide layer, or do I need to always preview the entire slide? I am trying to add cue points in layers 2 and 3, but find the audio won't play when I am in the timeline for the layers--it only plays when I am in the base layer.