Preview in Storyline 3 Freezes Screen

I'm having an issue with Storyline 3 preview mode. As soon as I hit Preview (either individual screen or entire project), the Storyline screen freezes with no content loaded. I only get a gray preview area. I have to use Task Manager to force close Storyline 3 as the only option. I've had to go back to Storyline 2 to complete a course due to lack of time for troubleshooting. Any idea what this could be? I've even tried uninstalling/reinstalling.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Priyanka,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Storyline. It sounds like there may have been a problem with the original installation which is causing it not to run properly. These are some steps you can use to try and get a clean installation to rectify this.

You can also check if your computer fits the minimum System Requirments. If you still have questions or trouble you can contact the support team

Priyanka Kramer

Renz yes all requirements seem to be in order. This only happens in SL3. I've repaired it multiple times, still no luck. I'm having to replicate a SL3 course right now and not sure how to work through it. SL2 works just fine. I've reached out to Support but haven't heard back yet.