Preview issue on a single slide

Don't seem to be getting anywhere on this one?

I have included my test file. From SL2 I imported a slide from SL1 and cant get the slide to preview correctly?  Story size is OK but when I preview slide "Start_2" there are gaps in the frame player.

If I enable player controls it previews OK??  Not sure what is going on, and I have a large module to edit in with this problem.

It doesn't seem to effect it in published version. 

Any help?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael.  I've run into this issue before, as you can see in this discussion.  The Player preview mode is somewhat limited in terms of what it shows with slide content.  So you can probably see the Player's slide background fill, which is different from your actual slide's background fill.

In that discussion ^^, I recommended deferring to the project preview mode, and ultimately, to testing the published output in its environment (web, LMS, etc) to really see how your course would behave.

I'm sorry that there's an inconsistency between those two preview modes, but if the Project preview and the published output look accurate, I would refer to those views in your decision making.