Preview not working in Storyline 2

Dec 29, 2015


The preview functionality suddenly stopped working. It was working in the morning but suddenly the preview of all existing/new storyline projects show show a blank slide, irrespective of whether I preview a slide, scene, or project. Also the audio play function/preview is not working. Attached is a screenshot of what happens when I preview a slide. Also I have reinstalled Storyline 2 as well as flash player. Would be great if you could help.




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Lizzie Angell

HI Ashley

it would be great if there could be a feature request web page, so that it would be easier to see what other things people are finding and requesting.

I know that one I thought might have been changed would be the glow being created on anything you change to a button or add to an interaction. It would be good to know where this has got to in the process, as I have seen a number of people mention it. 

Thank you for your help. And I hope it does come about one day.

Katherine Plastich

Is anyone having same/similar issue now? not able to view Preview this scene, get error report pop up?  I uninstalled the KB3132372 update, for the preview slide to work, although it reverts back to upgrade often and have to redo the steps and restart every time. I tired to follow the steps to hide the update so that it doesn't reoccur, but not successful for Windows 8.  Quite frustrating, when on a tight timeline. Thoughts.

Philip Varghese

If hiding don't work, then you can temporarily disable updates until the new Flash update is rolled out.

This is a temporary quick fix if you have a deadline to fulfil.

1. Right-click Start.

2. Choose.. Control panel

3. Choose.. System and Security

4. Choose.. Windows Update

5. Choose..  Change settings

6. Under the section .. Important updates, is a drop-down menu

7. Choose from the drop-down menu.. Download updates but let me choose to install them.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kendra,

First, I wanted to let you know that responding via email includes your signature here. You're welcome to edit the post to remove that information.

If you've confirmed to install the latest update of Windows 7, did you check that it was Flash player Also the Windows 7 update came out on or around December 29th, so you would be able to check the date as well. If you're still having difficulty after confirming those elements, we'll want to have you work with our support engineers so that they can take a better look at all your settings and specific system. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave and Nuria,

Yes, it's the same issue for Presenter and you can see the information in this article. Windows said that Windows 8 fix would be rolled out today, but I haven't seen any announcements yet. I checked in with our development team, and they shared that Windows typically does a "Tuesday night" patch - not sure what time zone they'd be in, but I'd suspect PST. Once we have additional info we'll be certain to share here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

We don't have it officially documented yet - but I just installed the Windows 8 updates myself and after rebooting my system, everything seems to be previewing and working normally. This article will be updated later today if you need to follow those steps to go through the update process.  (article is within Storyline, but same steps will apply for Storyline 1 and Studio '13 in regards to Windows updates). 

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