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Dec 29, 2015


The preview functionality suddenly stopped working. It was working in the morning but suddenly the preview of all existing/new storyline projects show show a blank slide, irrespective of whether I preview a slide, scene, or project. Also the audio play function/preview is not working. Attached is a screenshot of what happens when I preview a slide. Also I have reinstalled Storyline 2 as well as flash player. Would be great if you could help.




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Edward Eckenstein

Please note that the reason Adobe put out the new version was to fix several serious "remote code execution" bugs. This means that malware can be installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent if you visit an infected page. Rolling back to the previous version leaves you vulnerable to some pretty serious malware like "ransomware" that encrypts your files and demands you pay a ransom or your files will be unusable.

If you must install an older version, you can help protect yourself by setting your browser so flash won't run in the browser unless you let it. See  This shouldn't affect Storyline since it doesn't run in the browser.

I teach a course on personal computer security and I really stress the importance of keeping flash patched because Adobe is fixing these remote code problems once or twice a month. Unpatched Adobe flash is probably the #1 vector right now for getting a malware infection.

(I've attached a screenshot of a ransomware message from an infected computer.)

Brenda Stutsky

Well after about 5 hours, I added just one voiced slide to an old presentation. None of the suggested fixes with Flash would work so the current version of Flash is installed. The preview won't work, viewing your Player doesn't work. Also seems over the last few days the Publish locks again (used to lock alot a long time ago and now it is doing it again and you have to restart everything for it to publish). Seems like a lot of things don't work - thank goodness I updated just over 20 presentations a few days ago!

Sharon Calvin

I'm on Windows 7 and after deleting the upgraded Flash Player, it won't let me install the version recommended in your fix (Right-click flashplayer20_0d0_228_winax.exe and select Run as administrator. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.)

I get an error message from Adobe that says the installation encountered errors and that version is not the most current... (see attached image of error message)

Any ideas?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christy!

Yes, the issue is affecting both products.

A bug has been identified in Adobe Flash Player that breaks several preview features in Articulate Storyline and Articulate Studio. For example:
* You'll see a blank screen when you preview a project.
* The preview area of the player properties window is blank.
* The timeline preview feature doesn't work.
* You can't preview videos, Flash movies, or web objects.
* You can't edit videos.
* You can't import Engage interactions into Storyline courses.
We recommend waiting to update your Flash Player until Adobe fixes the problem. If you've already installed Flash Player, here's how you can rollback to your previous version.
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Everyone! 

I just shared the details in my previous post.

If you are still having difficulty after going through the steps in that article, I would suggest you work directly with our support team here so that we can understand the issue.

We are continuing to work on this issue and will update when applicable, however I have no time frame to provide.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sharon!

Once you reply to a thread you get all replies, even those to other users, so I apologize for any confusion.

Looks like you are replying via e-mail, which attaches your signature so you are welcome to pop in and edit that.

As for the issue you are having I did see another user mention in a similar thread the following:

If you go to the Adobe Site and download this uninstaller, you are then able to install and older version. Here is the link:

Perhaps that'll work for you? 

If not, you are welcome to work directly with our support team here.

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