Preview of Triggers and Layers

I've got my objects as buttons and set up triggers and layers to be revealed when the user clicks on them but when I go to preview the slide I only get the state changes.  My layers aren't revealed when I click the image...what am I doing wrong?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ericka,

It's a little difficult to say without seeing the file. Are you able to share your project's .STORY file here? If not, can you provide a screenshot of your trigger pane? I'm wondering if it's related to the order of the trigger or any other triggers that may be on the objects.


Bridget Brown

I am having a similar problem.  I have layers that when I "play" the slide, show up just fine, but when I publish, they don't show.  In each case, my goal is to have the user click the next button to get to the next layer.  I've put in the triggers.  Sometimes it skips to the next layer, sometimes it skips to the next slide.  I have started splitting things apart and putting them on different slides instead of layering them, but I am teaching myself Storyline and would like to know what I am doing wrong.  :(  

Please see slides 6, 7 & 8 in Scene 1 attached.  Thanks!

Tim Hillier


I would use custom "continue" buttons instead of the next button.  Others will be able to explain triggers better but they do not work once on first click and then do the next command next time they are pushed.  All of the actions you have on that button will happen in that order when you press "next".

I hope I made sense.


Tim Hillier

If you preview just slide 6 it will do the triggers in order as you see them.  As it cant jump to the next slide in a single slide preview you will not see it show the greetings layer but it will show the Shhh layer and then just stay there as the jump to next slide trigger wont work in single slide preview.


Bridget Brown

Right - but I again, I'm not understanding why it it skipping layers.  Especially when I publish.  Sorry, I might be being dense here.  But I've seen other examples where the next button is being used so I'm finding it confusing.  Again - if the jump to next page trigger is the last one listed - where should it be?

Tim Hillier

Perhaps they were jumping to similar slides.  I havent used it in this way.  I just tried it by putting the triggers on the different layers and it would not go past the first use.  I would probably reserve the next button to move the next slide and find a different way to move through your layers.

Bridget Brown

Hey Tim - I thought I'd let you know that I figured it out.  It is called a "layer trigger" instead of a slide trigger.  If you select a  layer, then click Add a new trigger and then select the following:

Jump to slide

Next slide

Timeline ends


I knew there was a way to do it with layers instead of creating new slides, (Of course I figured it out when I created a bunch of new slides!)  I just wasn't picking the right thing.  If you tell Storyline to  be ready to go to the next slide when the layer ends on a specific slide - then the next button is your friend. 

Hope that helps!!