Preview of Triggers and Layers

Feb 04, 2013

I've got my objects as buttons and set up triggers and layers to be revealed when the user clicks on them but when I go to preview the slide I only get the state changes.  My layers aren't revealed when I click the image...what am I doing wrong?


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eLearning Development

I think the best way to think of the "Next" button is to use it to go to the next slide.  If we want to do more on the current slide a custom button is probably the best way to go about it. vThen when all is done use the "Next" to carry on.

there is always the option of submitting a bug report or a feature request as well if you think that the behaviour should work that way.  I have had good luck getting explanations when I have gone that route.

Good luck with your project.  SL is worth the learning curve once you get past it.


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