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Hi there,

I have been having an on-going problem with the preview function in articulate storyline. When I click preview the first second of content is displayed and freezes there, if anything arrives onto the slide after the first second or two, it is not shown. The content works fine when published, and we have tried swapping over courses onto other machines and they preview fine on there. This happens with multiple courses.

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Harri C

hmmmm, well whatever the problem is, it appears to be local to your machine only....I don't have any fixes but I have a few suggestions of things that might help find the issue :are you using the same spec pc as the others who do not experience any problems (specifically RAM and processor), do you have any security settings that may be blocking the preview function? What OS are you using?

Have you tried importing into a new project since doing the repair?

Hope some of this is helpful