Preview/Publish not working and Altering After Publishing

Nov 02, 2016

I am an intern currently working with a training department for a corporation.  I am new to Storyline Articulate and have only worked on it for three weeks. One of the tasks that I have been assigned is to review slides in storyline to check for errors (such as navigation errors, or visual errors).  This company is quiet large and creates the same training material in several different languages (translations are prepared through a third party, who to my understanding does the translations through articulate).  Everything was going fine until I started reviewing the Korean training material.  When trying to preview or publish this file, I receive the following message:

“We’re sorry, something went wrong with Articulate Storyline and it might close.

You can help us fix this bug by sending us information on what went wrong.  Be as detailed as possible – everything helps!”

I did not receive this on just one Korean module but all seven of them.  I have not had this problem on any languages prior to Korean or after Korean.  Fortunately, a college of mine could publish it using their Storyline on their computer. I read forums that suggested that it could be a flash update but the company automatically sends out updates so my college should have an up to date flash, same as me.  The only difference is that I have windows 10.  Could that be the issues?

After my college published the Korean files on our website, I noticed some issues in the navigation and some of the text was now moving off the page.  I opened up Storyline to fix the words so they would fit on the page, but nothing was wrong with them, in fact, they were not even close to the edge.  I then checked the navigation and it appeared to have the correct triggers (note I could not preview this because an error message that pops up).  I wanted to show my supervisor the issues online and reloaded the page.  The text still had the same issue, (the words moved off the screen), but the navigation was not a problem this time.  I am not sure why the navigation did not work the first time but I need it to work every time, due to the large amount of people going through training.  I do not know how to fix the error message, or the text problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

As far as the preview/publish issue we've seen this before, especially if the slide titles are in Korean and using Windows 10. A solution that has seemed to resolve it for most is to install the Korean language pack on Windows.

1) Go to the Control Panel.
2) Go to Language.
3) Click Add a language.
4) Search Korean and click Add.
5) Restart the computer.
6) Publish the course again.

Also, as for that font does it also work in Word or Powerpoint? If it works there and is installed on your system you should see it within Storyline as well.

Andrew Kircher

So I finally have a solution that works and it is in the following email

"Hi Andrew, 

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!

I was able to recreate the issue when trying to preview or publish your story. It looks like the Player front is causing the issue when attempting to preview or publish the Storyline file.

Since there are Korean characters in the Player (, you must change the player from from Open Sans to the more appropriate Arial Unicode MS font. Doing so corrected the issue:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else!

 Miker Ang"

I appreciate everyone's feedback and I am very glad that I found this community.

Thank you Everyone



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