Preview selected slides please!

Apr 30, 2013

I would LOVE it if Storyline had the ability to preview just selected slides, rather than a whole scene or just an individual slide! So often I want to see how a few slides in a scene work together, without having to work through from the beginning of the scene each time. I am submitting a feature request and just thought I would post here to encourage anyone else to do so too if it's something you would like.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Fiona,

I completely agree with you. I submitted a feature request sometime back for that. At least I think I did...memory fails me. I think I'll do it (or redo it) now, just in case. Hope others jump on board! Presenter allows more flexibility in that regard: preview a range.

Here's the feature request link everyone

Tracy Buthe

+1 for this feature!!

I just put in a new feature request. This request was made a long time ago but we still need this feature. I would add that the ability to preview from the current slide to the end of the scene would be helpful. It would make life so much easier than having to wade thru all the material you have already reviewed and corrected until you get to the spot that you were at. 

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