Preview: slide trigger - 'user clicks next' v 'when timeline ends'

I am a newbie, and am using a trial version.  I have set the 10 slides in my story to "jump to next slide when user clicks next".  When I preview it, next works, YET if I do not click 'next', the slide advances as if I had selected 'end of timeline'.  This is troubling, since this does not allow me, as a potential user, to read through everything on the slide, or to use the interactive items on it.  

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Susan,

In addition to Michael's suggestion, have you checked to see if the slides are advancing by user?

If not, the easiest way to check them all/change them all is to switch views to Story View. As you click on each slide, look in the right pane at slide properties, Slide Advances. The two options are By User or automatically.

To change them to all by user, select all the slides and choose "By User."