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Vincent Scoma

Hey Sidra,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing troubles generating a preview!

Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the error message you are encountering? You may want to run through the steps listed here for Unexpected or Erratic Behavior you are seeing.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! 

Xenia Cunskis

I've got the same Problem! Is there an idea for a solution? Restarting my Computer didn't work (read this in another post About problems with the preview), installing the newest version of Articulate 360 didn't work also.. 

The error message is simply (it's in german, but translated): "An Error has ocurred with Articulate Storyline. The Program may be closed"  

Tina Chu

Hi all, I'm having a similar issue, but only with a specific course. 

Between myself and another colleague, we're not able to preview this specific course in Storyline 3 as an Entire Project or as  a Scene. Funnily enough, I have no problem with previewing individual slides. 

I thought this was a Flash issue, but when we tested other courses, they all worked fine. This particular course we're dealing with is converted from a PowerPoint presentation, and so far I've tried to import it into a brand new project and to import into an existing story file, but nothing works.

Any idea on what to do/what might be the cause? Appreciate the expertise!

Sajna Thomas

Hi Tina,

I remember facing this issue with a course created using SL360. I later found out, it was because of my Result Slide. I just re-inserted my Results slide again and applied the triggers and it worked. Initially, I had used the Result slide provided by the template. My course had a quiz with a Result slide.

Hope this helps.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tina,

I agree with Wendy's idea. 

Since the issue seems to be limited to one project, I'd recommend importing the slides into a new file and seeing if this alleviates the issue.

I'd be happy to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening if needed. You can share it with me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Tina Chu

Hi Wendy, Thank you for the suggestion and for your prompt response. The issue has been resolved!

After someone else recommended I revisit the PPT and scrub it of animations/transitions, I did so and took your suggestion of previewing each slide until I found 3 corrupt ones. Once I fixes elements of these slides, I  can now preview. Thanks again!