Previewing slides does not resume - playhead always goes to the beginning of the timeline!

Dec 08, 2020

Hello, I have a slide I am working on, trying to synchronize speech bubbles and audio. The audio is about 120 seconds and there are like 10 speech bubbles. Often when I hit the Play button in the timeline, instead of resuming where I left off, the playhead goes back to the beginning of the timeline. This makes the synchronization process maddening. So a have to listen to 45 seconds of audio before I can nudge my caption a second or so, and then when I hit play again to align the next caption I have to listen to the same 45 seconds again. What's going on!? This is driving me crazy!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello William!

It sounds like you're previewing the project in Story View rather than the Preview window. Is this correct?

The playhead should pick up on the timeline where it's left off. Here's what I see on my end. Do you have a file that we can take a look at? If so, you can share it publicly in this discussion by using the Add Attachment button. Or you can upload it privately using this secure upload link.

Lauren Connelly

Hi William!

We addressed this bug in Storyline 360 (Build 3.47.23871.0), which was released yesterday.

Fixed: The playhead jumped back to the beginning of the timeline when previewing a layer.

You can update Storyline 360 in your Articulate 360 desktop app to ensure you see this bug fix. Let me know if you have additional questions!