Previous and next button disappears when reviewing quiz.


I have a problem with reviewing quiz, the buttons will show at first but as quick as you use the previous button they disappars wich make you stuck at that slide.

I´v read in support pages that a similar problem whas taken care of in upgrade 2 but that issue was that the buttons never showed up at all, wich they do know ,until you use previous button.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ludvig,

I may not be understanding correctly, are you saying that when you're in a review, and click on the previous button - the player buttons just disappear and you're not brought to the previous slide but remain on the slide wherever you clicked the previous button? 

Do you have a sample .story file we could take a look at? 

Jordan Best

Wanted to follow up on this for Storyline 360. I had this same issue where no next/previous buttons were appearing on quiz review. I had the next/previous buttons disabled on ALL my slides when this was happening. So I turned next/previous buttons on for just one slide (and hid them w/ triggers), and now they show up during review.

Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Jordan 👋 I'd love to start fresh, since this is an older thread.

If I understand correctly – it sounds like you were able to resolve the Prev/Next buttons not appearing in Quiz Review issue with those steps. Let me know if I got that wrong, though – I'd love to lend a hand!