Previous and Next Buttons freezes the screen


To date I've:

-Published my Online Tutorial via LMS

-Saved the file on our Shared:drive

-Inserted the link to the file (on our shared:drive) to an email

-once the User access the link they can view the Tutorial but when they select Previous, the screen does not go back and it freezes the entire Tutorial.

We do not have an LMS server in order to publish the content directly there, hence the reason I saved on our Shared:drive for users to access.

Please assist. Not sure If I am doing something wrong or if it's the capability of our systems.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Candice.

Articulate does not recommend hosting content on a local area network drive. This can cause unexpected issues according to Adobe and should be avoided.

Published content should be uploaded to a Web server or LMS for proper playback.  If you will be viewing content on your local hard drive, you should publish for CD.

Good luck with your project!