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I am building a course that does not use the built in storyline previous and next buttons - I have my own in my master slides. However, just noticed that if you click to a page using a menu, and then hit the previous button - it takes you the last slide VISITED, NOT the previous slide at all. Is there a way to fix this? Usually in other software I have used there is a choice between previous slide and last slide visited....

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Susan Jones

I have deactivated the previous and next buttons in the slide properties and used my own buttons - but mine are in my master slide with actions on them to go to previous slide or next slide - are you suggesting that I have to put them on EVERY slide now instead of just in the master slide and actually specify which slide they go to? That would be really inconvenient:( In captivate you can assign an action to either go to previous slide or last slide visited - it doesn't automatically go to last slide visited - and the major benefit with storyline is that you CAN put buttons in your master slide - this issue kind of removes that option.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Susan!

As Mark mentioned, it's a pretty popular discussion here on the forums. It might help to take a look at some of those discussions to see if some of the suggestions shared will work for your project. 

Here are some of the more popular threads that I think may help:

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Hopefully one or some of the suggestions in those threads will help out.

In the meantime, please feel free to send a suggestion to our development team if this is something you'd like to see change in a future release of the software. I like the feature you mentioned to control whether or not the button jumps to slide in sequence or last viewed - be sure to mention that!