Previous button and screen recordings - bug?

My client is reviewing a module that has 3 sections: demo, try and test mode of screen recordings. In order to facilitate content review, I added the previous button to the slides with the default, but when you click the previous button in published content, it does not go to the previous slide, it goes to the very beginning of the course. 

When I use the screen recordings, am I missing something in terms of how it is converting to try/test modes that would impact the sequencing?  


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Holly -

The default behavior of the previous button is to go to the previous slide viewed by the user. Is this what you are seeing? 

For example:

User starts on Slide 1

Jumps to Slide 5

Previous button goes back to Slide 1 (not slide 4) - if you want the latter, you will need to manually set up the triggers for the previous button.

Is that what you are asking? If you have a course you need us to take a look at - please feel free to share the .story file here.