Previous Button Causes Loops

I understand the issue of the Previous Button being taking a "historic" path, but I am having another issue. When I go through a course in a linear path, and then return through that same path, the Previous button is NOT taking me to the previous slide. It appears to take me to a random slide and then I am in an endless loop, unable to back up through the course. The only option I've been able to find is to make a trigger for Previous and specify each slide, and this is very time-consuming in a 157 slide course. Has anyone found a way to deal with this problem? Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Thanks for trying to share the file here. I was wondering if it would work, since you mentioned earlier that it was fairly large.

I'm wondering what else might be causing the issue. How are you viewing the content when this happens? Are you previewing it, or is the content published? If it's published, is it uploaded to a web server or LMS? If it is uploaded to a host, can you share a link?

It sounds pretty random, if it's not happening for each module. If you haven't already, you might want to make sure you have Update 2 installed. 


Connie Malamed

I have installed the update and also get occasional and unexplained loops when clicking the Previous button. I assumed that the programmers know of this bug. I hope they do.

Even specifying a Jump to Slide Trigger doesn't solve it. With every course, I just hope that my clients and the learners won't want to go back!