'Previous' button disabled

Apr 24, 2018

Hi everyone! I'm working on my first Storyline project and having a problem with the 'Previous' button. In the 'slide properties' window for each I have ticked the boxes for 'previous' and 'next' (buttons and swipe) but when I preview or publish the scene the 'previous' button is disabled, only the 'next' button appears when the slide timeline completes. I have attached a screenshot of my slide properties window. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? I don't see any option in the 'Player' features that overwrites this (I don't see anything about the Previous and Next buttons in the Player features at all, am I missing something there?). 

Also, is there any way to enable the buttons before the timeline of the slide completes? ie: I would like to have both buttons enabled at all times (accept for the question slides).

Any help much appreciated :)


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