previous button does not go to the previous page in articulate storyline 3 360.

Hi I am trying out the trial version as I need to do a sample for review for this software. I have a lot of scene and within the scene the previous button does not working accordingly as it does not move to previous page of the pages that I have set. It just went to the previous page that I last view. Is there any limitation in the trial of articulate storyline 3 360? 

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Wendy Farmer

Restricted menu means the user can move forward slide by slide but not jump to a slide further down the menu ie. they can view slide 1, slide 2 then slide 3, they cannot jump from slide 2 to slide 4.  But they can review any slide they have already visited.

If they visit slide 1, slide 2, slide 3, slide 4 then click Slide 1 from the menu, then click previous button they will go back to slide 4