Previous button not working consistently

Sep 23, 2015

I have a few screens in a SL2 course that have links on them. If the learner tries to click the next button before they have clicked the links, I show a layer asking them to click the links.

When they have clicked all the links, the Next button lets them go to the next screen.

When the learner is on the next screen and clicks the Prev button, sometimes it goes back to the previous screen, and sometimes it goes back to the layer (whether or not the layer was the last screen shown).

In one case, when the Prev button is clicked it goes back to the first screen at the beginning of the course.

Can anyone please tell me why it is working differently?



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George Chruney

Thank you, Matthew and Leslie, I appreciate you answering, but I don't think I was clear about the problem:

All of the slides have the Prev set to Jump to Previous slide when the Prev button is clicked.

I know the default Previous button setting goes to the last viewed screen, and I expect that. But it's not working that way.

If the previous screen has a layer, and the layer was the last slide I viewed before advancing to the next screen, then I would expect to return to the layer when I hit the Prev button. Fair enough. I understand the default the Previous button is set to.

But here's what happens:

1. Sometimes it goes back 15 screens to the very first screen (the title page) of the course. That makes no sense whatsoever.

2. If I have a screen with a layer, and the layer is not visited/viewed, it still goes back to the layer when I click Previous on the next screen, even though the layer was *not* the least screen I viewed.

3. If I have a screen with a layer, and the layer was the last screen viewed before I moved on to the next screen, when I click Prev it does not go back to the last screen viewed (the layer), but instead goes back to the base layer.

I wish it worked like #3 above all the time. But it doesn't.

I am aware of how the screens are set to react when they are revisited, and that is not the issue causing three different reactions to clicking the Prev button when they are all programmed the same.

Even when I set the Prev button to go back to the previous screens base layer (what I want to happen, like in #3 above), it *still* goes back to the layer on the screen, even if it wasn't the last screen visited/viewed.

Do you see what I mean?


George Chruney

I think I circumvented some of the issues by replacing slide layers with text boxes whose states change when other conditions trigger them, but I am still having problems with screens 14-17. A new issue on slide 17 is if I click Prev while the slide is animating, it kind of crashes the course in the sense that it doesn't allow anything further to happen- no movement forward or backward at that point.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing your file George and taking me back to my days of working in the medical field :)

Can you check my published file and let me know if you are seeing the same behavior as I'm not seeing the layers unexpectedly as you are reporting nor is anything crashing on Slide 17.

George Chruney

Thank you for looking at it, Leslie.

I'm happy for the most part, in that a combination of Matthew's initial suggestion of being specific with the trigger and removing some layers that were giving me trouble has resolved most of the Prev button problems.

But the issue with the freezing still happens even with the published version you are showing.  On slide 16, if I go to the mandatory layer and instead of closing the layer with the red X, I click the Next button, then if I click Prev as the text boxes are animating, it freezes. Multiple clicks will bring it back to slide 16, but no matter what, I cannot move beyond slide 17 unless I skip over it in the TOC.

I know this is not something users will normally do, but in my testing process I try to break courses that I've created because you never know what a learner might potentially do.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi George!

Take a look at your file attached. The effect that you are wanting, without adding more triggers/variables, can be accomplished utilizing a lightboxed slide. 

You may also want to consider simply restricting the navigation in the future as this seems to be a very linear course and would have saved you a lot of triggers.

Ashley Salmon

I don't mean to hijack your thread here George, but I'm having a very similar issue. Previous button is set to jump to the previous scene by default, so I change it to 'jump to previous slide' click off and it just reinstates those settings. I've deleted the triggers and remade them with the correct settings only for it to reset to default after I've clicked off the slide????? Halp.

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